Always Check Twice Before You Hit Send

Auto-correct has been messing up the meaning of sentences in comical, sitcom-esque ways for years, providing some people with embarrassment and the rest of us with plenty of laughs. But auto-correct doesn’t just affect your texts anymore. With email now accessible on your smartphone, you have to be extra cautious when typing out a quick email reply. Read more

Writing Tip from the Backs\ash Manual of Style: It’s vs. Its

You’ve done it again. You’re in the middle of typing up a business memo to send out to the entire company. You’re on a roll. The ideas are flowing. Right now, you’re all about getting this email sent before you head out for the night. Who cares if you miss a punctuation mark here or there? It won’t make that big of a difference, right?

Wrong. We’re all guilty of skipping a comma or an apostrophe when we’re in a rush, Read more