OUR MISSION is to help businesses, academics and authors manage, edit and produce well-written and concise content.


Our story began centuries ago, in a tiny shop in Germany where a man by the name of Johannes Gutenberg threw down his feathered pen and said “Enough!” With cramping hands and ink stained fingers, he went to work inventing the printing press, marking the birth of mass communication.

Fast forward 600 years, and we’ve come a long ways since then. Today, what once took dozens of monks years to transcribe, now takes mere minutes to produce on a device that fits in the palm of our hand.

In this new age of digital communications, however, thoughtful and concise writing is often traded for expediency. Instead of spending months writing content, people can send anything with a few clicks. With information so readily available, companies have become more careful to ensure that the message they produce is consistent with their professional image. In addition, with the flurry of communication within a company, key communication with clients and employees are vital to a business’s success.

Enter BACKS\ASH, a content creation and editing agency that caters to the written needs of modern businesses. We understand the importance of the written word to your company’s bottom line. We immerse ourselves in your company, adopting your unique voice and mission to ensure that all content produced is consistent and clean. Let us be your team of monks, working diligently to ensure that your content is at its highest quality.